Metal Pallet RFID Traceability Project Successful

B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Ltd. (“BOS”) has announced that its RFID division, has successfully completed a traceability project with metal pallets in Spain at BAMESA corporation.

The project with BAMESA involved the tagging, tracking and managing inventory for metal pallets. BAMESA is a leading Steel Service Center organization for, among others, the automotive, home appliances and metal engineering industries, with eight locations in five different countries. The project was executed in cooperation with the Supply Chain Excellence Centre of Everis, a multi-national Spanish consulting company.

Mr. Yuval Viner, BOS CEO, stated: “BAMESA’s metal pallets presented a technological challenge as the metal interferes with the RF transmission. Our success in implementing this project demonstrates our strong technical abilities.”

Mr. Manel Romero, Everis’ Supply Chain Excellence Centre Director, added “BOS’ solution provides full visibility and tracking of metal pallets, inside and outside of the warehouse. Its RFID technology is integrated into the customer’s SAP ERP system, ensuring superior accuracy in the inventory management and delivery. This project has improved Everis’ expertise in the RFID field and we look forward to implementing similar projects for other clients worldwide in collaboration with BOS.”

Mr. Luis Gutierrez Roy, Board member of BOS and managing partner at the Telegraph Hill Group, based in Barcelona and San Francisco, commented: “The successful completion of this project illustrates how robust the BOS solutions are and the importance of partnering with leading systems integrators like Everis in BOS’ expansion into other countries.”

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