Merger Forms New Reconditioned Pallet Leader in Belgium

Groupe PGS, the French leader in new and reconditioned wood pallet supply, and the Belgian Group FRANCOIS have decided to merge their pallet recycling operations in Belgium – PGS Belgium and CSD Palettes respectively. The combined entity will operate from a single site to enhance efficiency and provide more central coverage. The new company is called Recycled Pallets Belgium SA.

This operation is the realization of close ties between the respective leaders Jean-Francois Bernard and Louis Louvel of PGS, who over time have developed an excellent relationship within a framework of respect and mutual trust.

The merger allows PGS to rapidly elevate its market position in Belgium, and to complete its expansion strategy outside of France.

Groupe PGS is the French leader in new and reconditioned wooden pallet supply. pallets. Its operations include 6 sawmills, 7 manufacturing facilities and 28 pallet reconditioning sites. The company has an annual output of 278,000 m3 of lumber, 7.3 million new pallets and 14 million reconditioned pallets.

Group FRANCOIS, 30 years after its creation, is a leading Belgian pallet supplier with diverse logging, sawmill and pallet operations. Annual production includes 100,000 m3 of timber, 2.5 million new pallets , 45,000 tonnes of pellets and 30,000 MW of electricity produced.

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