Meet David Hitchener – National Pallet Manager – Toll NQX

Source: 2ic Software

With over 13 years’ experience in pallet management with Toll, David Hitchener’s current role of National Pallet Manager within Toll NQX sees him responsible for improving the pallet control efficiency throughout the business and implementing processes that prevent pallet losses.

With Toll NQX moving more than 2.8 million tonnes of freight per year and employing over 1300 people in 25 fully staffed depots throughout Australia, David and his team of 2 monitor around 20,000 individual pallet movements a week.

‘Given the scale of our operation, we are always looking to improve our pallet management, and 2ic Pallets has been the perfect fit for us,’ says David.

First hearing about 2ic Pallets in 2004 via ATN magazine, David soon made contact with Andrew Whittam (2ic Software CEO) to discuss Toll’s needs and expectations of a pallet control program.

With other pallet hire companies offering free software it did take David some time to convince Toll management that 2ic Pallets was the right solution; with Toll implementing 2ic Pallets in January 2006.

‘The Master/Slave setup plus the ability to customise the program to suit our specific business needs has been instrumental in driving the efficiencies we require’, says David.

Other key benefits David enjoys from using 2ic Pallets include the ability to input data from other business applications, and training staff relatively easily given its similarity to Excel.

As a long term user of 2ic Pallets, David has been in the unique position to watch the software grow and develop over time in line with the industry.

‘2ic Software is a small Australian owned business that has become a major player on the global market for efficient and accurate pallet control software which is something that has been lacking in the industry for many years. A key factor to this success is that 2ic Software offers excellent customer service and support, and also continues to develop with technology, with the release of the cloud version being one such example’, says David.

We asked David for a final word on why he feels 2ic Pallets is so successful.

‘The main reason customers use 2ic Pallets is because they can see the value in effective control of pallets and 2ic Pallets has the proven ability, when used correctly, to reduce potential losses in a business.’

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