McDaniel Fruit Company Selects HarvestMark for Compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative

Redwood City, Calif. – YottaMark, Inc., provider of the industry-leading HarvestMark fresh food traceability and supply chain insights platform, announced that McDaniel Fruit Company has selected the company’s HarvestMark PTI solution to achieve compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). The California-based McDaniel Fruit Company has deployed the HarvestMark PTI solution across its Linda-Vista brand of avocados.

“McDaniel Fruit Company has always provided fresh, high quality avocados to the trade through our proprietary Linda-Vista brand programs. McDaniel is committed to meeting the milestones of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and providing our customers with the assurance that every product they purchase from McDaniel is fully traceable back to its original source” said Rankin McDaniel, President of McDaniel Fruit Company. “McDaniel chose HarvestMark because they offered the most reliable, cost effective solution for achieving compliance with the PTI guidelines. With HarvestMark PTI in place, every case of McDaniel Linda-Vista avocados is compliant with industry standards and traceable throughout the supply chain.

McDaniel Fruit Company is a vertically integrated avocado distribution company located in Fallbrook, CA. For more than half a century the McDaniel Fruit Company has harvested, packaged and shipped Linda-Vista brand avocados from its own orchards, as well as more than 500 California growers who market their production through McDaniel’s U.S. distribution network.

“We’re delighted that McDaniel Fruit Company has selected HarvestMark for its PTI compliance needs and are pleased to help them implement the HarvestMark PTI solution across their avocado operations,” said J. Scott Carr, CEO of YottaMark. “We are proud to be their partner in traceability.”

The HarvestMark PTI solution, in use by hundreds of shippers from Canada to Argentina, makes compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative easy to implement and manage. HarvestMark PTI includes all the hardware and software needed to produce PTI-compliant case, RPC, and pallet labels. Trace-back, trace-forward, and production data is securely hosted on the HarvestMark platform, delivering unique and valuable supply chain reporting, and enabling on-demand traceability anywhere in the supply chain.

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