MAUSER Offers New Plastic Drums Produced from Recycled Post-Use Material

When it comes to industrial packaging, what goes around can come around, if the quality of recycled material is there. Case in point, MAUSER Group, a worldwide leading company in industrial packaging, has launched its new Infinity SeriesTM of plastic drums comprised of recycled PCR produced at its European operations. Following the recent inauguration of its recycling center in Erkelenz, Germany, it is introducing a new series of UN approved plastic drums made from the highest quality plastic recycling material generated from used industrial packaging.

The new Infinity SeriesTM of plastic drums produced from post-consumer resin (PCR) plastic materials will cover the open top drum design O-Top® from 30 l up to 220 l capacity and the 220 l capacity tight head drum L-Ring PLUS®. Designed as environmentally favorable packaging for the transportation of hazardous goods, this new drum series comes with full UN certification.

“Based on the high quality of the recycled plastic materials generated in our recycling center, we were able to qualify our new Infinity SeriesTM of open head drums for the transportation of hazardous solids up to Packing Group I,” states Michael Schieck, Regulatory Affairs, Europe, at MAUSER Group. “Our Infinity plastic tight head drum is coming with a UN certification for hazardous liquids classified Packing Group II. The drums and the materials used to produce our new Infinity SeriesTM fully comply with the requirements lined out in DIN EN ISO 16103:2005 on ‘Transport packaging for dangerous goods – Recycled plastics material’.”

The new plastic drum series adds to MAUSER’s current comprehensive portfolio of both standard and speciality high quality plastic industrial packaging supplied from multiple locations. “We are proud to introduce this new drum series produced from recycled plastic materials in such a short time period after start-up of our recycling center in Erkelenz,” adds Axel Schaefer, Head of Product Group Management, Europe at MAUSER Group.

“In a first phase our regional focus will be the Benelux, German and Italian markets, but we are open and flexible on any project beyond these initial target markets. The drums of our Infinity SeriesTM come in standardized dimensions similar to our packaging manufactured from virgin plastic. This makes it easy for customers to transition to the Infinity SeriesTM with little to no changes to their operations. By making use of recycled materials our new drum series is more environmentally friendly and comes with lower carbon emissions than comparable packaging produced from exclusively virgin HDPE. We see high interest with clients from various industries looking into practical solutions for making their packaging portfolio more sustainable.”

The introduction of the Infinity SeriesTM plastic drums to the European market is the latest major initiative of MAUSER Group as a part of the comprehensive ECO-CYCLE® sustainability initiative that is focusing on products and services for its clients. “MAUSER Infinity drums have been a great market success in our American operations for quite some time,” states Klaus Peter Schmidt, Head of Product Development and Global Sustainability Management at MAUSER Group.

“Up to the time of opening our own recycling center in Erkelenz we had been missing the necessary quality and supply security of recycled plastic material to implement such sustainable product approaches in Europe. In times of increasing discussions on plastic packaging waste, we take our responsibility seriously. We invested in our material recycling capabilities and now introduce our new Infinity SeriesTM on plastic drums because we are convinced by the opportunities linked to closing the lifecycle of industrial packaging.”

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