Martinizing Announces Plan to Reduce Single-Use Plastic Waste With Reusable Garment Bags From The Green Garmento(TM)

I have a soft spot for the Green Garmento. With its relationship with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, it became one of my most viewed posts of the year.  Now the Green Garmento has announced a new win:

America’s largest drycleaning franchise with over 240 stores, Martinizing Dry Cleaners, has a new ‘green’ initiative: reducing their single-use plastic through a partnership with reusable drycleaning bag company, The Green Garmento(TM).

Martinizing Marketing Manager Tom Moehringer explains, “We view reusable bags to be the next step forward from single-use plastic packaging. Now our franchisees have access to The Green Garmento(TM), which is incredibly user friendly, has such strong customer satisfaction, while improving our franchisees’ bottom lines. We’re proud to include the Garmento bags in our growing roster of sustainable products and services.”

Every year, 1.4 billion pieces of clothing are drycleaned and over 300 million pounds of single-use plastic garment covers clog US waterways and landfills, threatening marine and wildlife. This significant move from Martinizing will significantly lessen their carbon footprint.

“It’s been a great collaboration,” says Green Garmento president Jennie Nigrosh. “Martinizing is clearly leading the way with their operational solutions and our four-in-one bag fits right in with their ‘green’ business model.”


  1. Hi Rick,

    Thank you for your kind words about our product – and our mission. I appreciate the support.

    I’m honored to be mentioned in Packaging Revolution as my dad and step mom are in the packaging biz – in fact it was my dad’s early lesson in recycling newspapers for his paperboard factory that sparked my passion for “green” living.

    My father, grandfather and great grandfather were all in the packaging business in New England. I guess the (packaged) apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

    My best,

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