Managing Returnable Assets in Motion – RFID for Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)

Motorola has released a new white paper discussing the basics of open and closed loop reusable packaging systems, including elaboration on how an effective RFID approach can help reduce container loss, in addition to providing other benefits.

RTI,reusable transport packaging,reusable container management,reusable container loss,RTI lossRFID offers an affordable and efficient way to get more value from RTI inventories. “Picture this,” Motorola says in its Fall Newsletter. “At a busy bottling plant, cartons of soft drinks are being quickly loaded into the plastic RTIs that will carry them to a regional distribution center. As the product rolls through the loading dock and onto a truck, the RTI inventory report is automatically updated – recording not only how many units are headed out, but precisely which units they are, which truck will carry them and which distributor will receive them. Yet no one is carrying a clipboard. No one is counting. And there are no forms to sign.”


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