Mallard Launches Expanded Line of Pallet Flow Speed Controllers

Mallard Manufacturing Corporation, a leading manufacturer of gravity flow solutions, is announcing their new, expanded line of their pallet flow speed controllers. Mallard now has four different speed controllers to accommodate every capacity, environment, product and pitch.

The purpose of the pallet flow speed controller is to control the speed of the advancing pallets from load end to ensure they arrive safely, yet still efficiently at the pick face. An added benefit of the speed controller is that it provides better tracking for the pallet in the flow lane. Mallard speed controllers are designed to operate much like automobile “shoe” brakes. As the pallet picks up speed while advancing down the lane, the internal gearing forces the brake pads against the inner surface of the brake hub to slow the pallet, or container, to a safe speed.

“Speed controllers are a key ingredient to Mallard’s custom pallet flow rack solutions,” says Kevin Risch, President of Mallard Manufacturing. “Every application and warehouse environment are different, so having several speed control options to apply to each system’s unique requirements, ensures the safest, most efficient solution for our customer’s needs.”

Benefits of Mallard Speed Controllers:

  • Ensure consistent, controlled pallet load speed
  • Maximize pallet flow lane safety
  • Provide pallet load tracking within the lane
  • Can be customized for a variety of applications
  • Durable construction for tough, long-term use

Mallard speed controllers provide safe advancement of product loads from lightweight containers to 3,000 lb. pallets.

The Drop-in Speed Controller is the most popular controller type. It can be installed on-site for all wheeled tracks and narrow roller track applications. The unique drop-in assembly is quick and easy, requiring minimal hardware.

The Direct Mount Speed Controller is top mounted and thus engages in direct contact with the load. It is compatible with most wheel and roller track types including: Magnum, skate wheel and split roller pallet flow. Direct mount speed controllers are used most often for floor-mounted and low profile pallet flow rack systems.

The Indirect Mount Speed Controller is mounted underneath full roller pallet flow systems and are preferred in many cases because they do not make direct contact with the load. Indirect mounting is not recommended for use with steel containers or pallets with steel-bottom runners because of potential skidding of pallet over conveyor rollers.

The ABMA Speed Controller is a drop-in speed controller used in retrofit applications. The controller can be installed easily into existing systems that may require additional control for pallets flowing too fast or not tracking evening.

Mallard Manufacturing has a new 4-page product brochure and dedicated product web pages available for additional information. All include detailed product descriptions, specifications, photos and 3D illustrations for each of the 4 speed controller products. Video links are available on the website so that customers can view the pallet flow speed controllers in action.