Magline and Rotacaster Focus on the Last 100 Yards of Retail Distribution

With increased material handling focus around the final 100 yards of distribution and delivery to small format stores, systems involving small pallets and innovative handling solutions are increasingly stepping to the forefront. One such provider, Magline, Inc. ( recently announced the launch of an innovative lightweight route distribution approach for the last 100 yards of delivery.

Magline, Inc., in conjuction with Rotacaster, have jointly developed  a Self-Stabilizing truck, featuring Rotacaster wheels. The fixed orientations of the main wheel permits both reverse and forward travel without threat of the operator being forced to fight a  swivel caster offset, while the peripheral rollers facilitates turning, rotational, lateral and diagonal movement.

“Rotacaster’s creative prowess regarding workplace safety and ergonomics in the material handling sector is a welcome addition to the Magliner family of products,” says Andrea Horner, Marketing Manager for Magline.

The company is also promoting its Magline CooLift Delivery System, which it says can potentially cut the force required by a truck driver on a route by up to 25,000 pounds. As a result, injury risk is substantially reduced.

“The system’s half-pallets allow drivers to utilize more entryways because unlike a full-size pallet, the compact CooLift fits through almost any door,” says Greg Ecker, President of Magline. “Store delivery orders are built directly onto a pallet and then loaded into trailers using traditional forklifts with a special pallet adapter. There are real ergonomic advantages.” The company says that CooLift delivers economic benefits through improved productivity, improved driver safety as well as retention.

Magline is a worldwide leader hand trucks. It is currently looking expand the strong dealer base in various regions domestically, as well as internationally.

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