Macro Plastics New Hand Held Tote, the MacroTote™, Delivers Greater Produce Protection and Durability

(Fairfield – CA) – Macro Plastics now has available a new handheld tote for agricultural applications. The MacroTote 9-FV is uniquely designed to protect and transport produce. This high quality, impact resistant, durable and reusable handheld tote is efficient in both the field and for in-plant handling of fruits and vegetables.

“The 9-FV was engineered with 15% more cooling vents than other comparable field totes to help deliver fresher product from the field to the store,” stated Todd Turner, Senior Design Engineer at Macro Plastics. “The advanced tote design minimizes product damage.”

Offering the same high quality features as the MacroBin® product line, the 9-FV has nonporous surfaces, comes in FDA-approved material, and is easy to sanitize. The unique design delivers greater shipping efficiencies when used in conjunction with the MacroBin 28 or 33 models by stacking 3 layers per container versus 2 layers.

“We want our customers to get the freshest product on the market,” stated Marvin Record, Director of Operations, Zirkle Fruit Company. “The MacroTote 9-FV helps us reach these goals with the most durable and efficient tote on the market today.”

About Macro Plastics

Macro Plastics is the world’s largest manufacturer of bulk plastic containers. Based in Northern California with sales and manufacturing facilities located worldwide, Macro Plastics provides innovative business solutions for the agricultural, food processing, retail, and industrial markets. Featuring four distinctive lines of global shipping containers, company brands include MacroBin®, ProBin™, ShuttleBin™ IsoBin™ and MacroTrac™ . All products are reusable and recyclable. Macro Plastics also provides attractive container rental options and new business development services. For additional information please visit or call 800.845.655

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