Lyons Magnus Turns to Reusable Dunnage to Cut Costs

For years, Lyons Magnus, shipper of cased goods, has looked for better ways to protect freight, load trucks faster – and save money. And due to the heavy weight of the products, there is always the need to manage weight distribution to comply with bridge laws.

Recently, the firm has been using several 4” corrugated panels in the nose of trailers for spacing, and then loading the product up against them. Lyons Magnus found that they could reuse the panels two or maybe three times before they were crushed, and then had to be disposed of in solid waste landfills. This proves to be very costly with over 1600 shipments per year.

Then Lyons Magnus found Paylode® reusable plastic dunnage. Test shipments were conducted with Paylode Bulkhead Spacers — strong, lightweight interlocking units that withstand up to 20,000 lbs of force without crushing. The tests showed that these spacers provided superior freight protection, were easy to handle and load, and nested easily making it cheaper to ship back and reuse.

“My people like handling these products and I’m extremely pleased with the savings that we’re seeing in dunnage materials, and the reduced need for storage space for dunnage,” said Jeff Roggenkamp, warehouse manager for Lyons Magnus.

Paylode delivered the return on investment Roggenkamp has been looking for. “After only five uses, these reusable spacers are paid for – and now I can put the cost of disposable dunnage back to our bottom line for the next seven years.”

He also noted that by eliminating the disposal of waste dunnage into landfills, it helped enhance the firm’s green policy of being a good environmental steward.


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