Ludo Gielen and Schoeller Allibert Jointly Invest 15 Million Euros in new Belgium Plant

new Schoeller Allibert site

The cornerstone of the new Belgian location of Schoeller Allibert will soon be laid at the former site of the Printing Partners print company in Beringen. Schoeller Allibert is the European market leader in the field of reusable plastic packaging and containers. In the long term, about 70 people will be employed at the new facility. But what makes this project even more unique, is that the Limburg entrepreneur Ludo Gielen, who leads the innovation team of Schoeller Allibert, will invest heavily in the building himself. He has an unshaken faith in the future of reusable plastic packaging and containers, as well as in the growth that lies ahead for Schoeller Allibert.


Ludo Gielen

Belgian operations will move from the present location in Leopoldsburg. Employees will benefit from a new, state-of-the-art operational base with the construction of the new plant in Beringen. It will be the model factory for all future plants of the group and includes a substantial investment in technology – particularly big product mold technology. Entrepreneur Ludo Gielen and Schoeller Allibert will be joining forces for a financial investment of 15 million euros.

“With this technology, Schoeller Allibert brings a lot of innovation and know-how to Limburg,” explains Gielen, who leads the innovation team. “It will include one of the largest machines in the Benelux Region, with a shot size of about 45 kilos. Our production, which will have to supply the Benelux Region, Northern France, West Germany and the UK will mainly focus on the larger products, like the Big Box Maximus® 850 L, intended, amongst others, for the fruit industry, or the plastic ClickPall® for the petrochemical industry. The first products will be coming off the conveyer belt in the summer of 2017.”

The new plant in Beringen was designed by architect firm Wastiau & Co. “It will be a light-filled factory where the working conditions are pleasant,” says Gielen. “The plant will consist of a 6,500 m² production hall, 3,500 m² of outdoor storage space and there will be a sales and innovation center of 1,200 m². On the second floor, we provide an inspirational brainstorming area. It will be quite a gem.”

Ludo Gielen is Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer of market leader Schoeller Allibert. Currently, Schoeller Allibert employs 2000 employees, operates in twenty countries, with eleven production locations all over Europe. The new plant in Beringen will be the twelfth. The company is active in seven markets including agriculture, food, beverages, automotive and retail. The head office is located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.


Source: Schoeller Allibert and Ludo Gielen