Luca Rossi Takes Wheel at CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions Europe

Luca Rossi has been appointed to the role of Vice President, CHEP Automotive & Industrial Solutions, Europe.

“Luca brings an exceptional focus on customers and team building to his new role in CHEP Automotive & Industrial Solutions,” says Jason Rabbino, Group President, Containers for CHEP’s parent company, Brambles Limited. “We are pleased to have him stepping up to this key role. CHEP’s commitment to our customers’ success will be further strengthened by Luca’s experience and vision.”Luca Rossi CHEP Automotive

After joining CHEP Italy in 1999 as Sales Manager, Mr. Rossi rose to Country General Manager, CHEP Italy, in 2008. CHEP Italy has prospered from strong customer engagement and consistent growth under his stewardship.

“It is a great honour for me to be appointed as Vice President, CHEP Automotive & Industrial Solutions for Europe,” Rossi states. “I am excited to lead this team and to continue building on the positive growth momentum. I am committed to strengthen our efforts by listening to our customers and turning CHEP into the preferred service partner for delivering total packaging related supply chain savings in the automotive industry and beyond.”

Mr Rabbino thanked Mr Rossi’s prededessor, Marcelo Di Benedetto, who is leaving CHEP to take on a new professional opportunity. “Marcelo has been an exceptional leader for the business and he can look back on many great successes. We thank him for his passion for the business, outstanding dedication and achievements and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Mr Di Benedetto comments that CHEP has made great progress in the way it engages customers, listening and responding to their needs, bringing innovative solutions to market and positioning its brand in the growth path. “I was fortunate to lead a great team, with unparalleled skills and commitment, Mr. Di Benedetto concludes. “I am certain that Luca will continue to strengthen our strategy and identify opportunities to expand our services to CHEP’s customers.”

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