LPR Buys 600×400 mm Plastic Quarter Display Pallet Pool from Contraload

LPR – La Palette Rouge and Contraload N.V. have reached an agreement to transfer Contraload’s rental pool of plastic 600×400 mm quarter display pallets to LPR. The pallet is manufactured by Schoeller Arca Systems, Europe’s leading manufacturer of plastic pallets and crates. On July 1st, LPR started providing the pooling service for this pallet to a pre-existing customer base of leading FMCG accounts in Belgium and Luxemburg. LPR plans to extend this service to other countries.

LPR, Europe’s Number 2 pallet pooling specialist continues to extend its service offer. LPR already operates in 13 European countries through 7 subsidiaries, with a range of rental pallets that includes all the full-size and half-size pallets in common use between fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) producers and their retail customers. The acquisition of Contraload’s display pallet pool adds a quarter size (600×400 mm) pallet to LPR’s product portfolio.

Torsten Wolf, President of LPR explains “There is a clear market trend to ship more and more products on display pallets from the manufacturer to the final point of sale as this simplifies the handling of the products in the supply chain. LPR seeks to provide a full range of services for its FMCG customers. We were therefore looking for a solution to extend our product range to include the 600×400 mm quarter display pallet format. The acquisition of the Contraload rental pallet pool allows us to enter this market segment with a proven solution which is already well established between retailers and leading FMCG accounts in Belgium and Luxemburg.”

Contraload N.V. entered the 600×400 mm quarter display pallet market in 2007 with a pool pallet developed by Schoeller Arca Systems, Europe’s leading manufacturer of plastic pallets and crates. Today, more than 250,000 pallets in this format have been issued to a number of important FMCG customers in Benelux for distribution to retailers in Belgium and Luxemburg. Contraload’s core business, however, involves load carrier solutions (plastic pallets, boxes, drums, etc.) for the B2B supply chain, which involves flows between FMCG producers and their suppliers. The company decided to focus its growth strategy on this supply chain and entered into discussion with LPR for the transfer of its quarter display rental pallet pool.

Sylvain Naets, Managing Director of Contraload, explains “CONTRALOAD has chosen to sell the display pallet pool to LPR as we are convinced that LPR is a good partner to support and possibly develop further the display business. Finding a good partner for our FMCG customers was a high priority for us as we want to continue offering pooling services within the (B2B) supply chain for deliveries from the suppliers (mainly ingredients and packaging) of our customers on our plastic pallets or in our boxes or drums. On top of that, LPR can build a service offer for display pallet pooling on a wider European network within the retail supply chain including Germany, which is the biggest pooling market in Europe for 600x400mm display pallets.”

Contraload’s quarter display pallet pooling operations were taken over by LPR Benelux from July 1st. Frank Janssen, General Manager of LPR Benelux comments “Our service philosophy and quality standards will ensure a smooth transfer for the existing customers in Belgium and Luxemburg. Moreover, we will be in a position to offer a new range of services to both existing and new customers.”

Schoeller Arca Systems will continue to manufacture the pallet in its Hardenberg factory, located in the Netherlands. LPR plans to offer a
600×400 mm quarter display pallet rental solution on a wider European scale.


LPR specialises in pallet-pooling for suppliers and retailers in the fast moving consumer goods sector. The LPR Group operates throughout Europe, providing a full service between its customers and their European retail partners and drop points. LPR handles over 40 million pallet movements a year across Europe. LPR Group turnover exceeds 100 million euros. www.lpr.eu

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