LPR Announces Senior Appointment and Contract Win in Italy

LPR Announces Senior Appointment

The European pallet-pooling specialist, LPR-La Palette Rouge (a Division of Euro Pool Group), is pursuing its growth with the nomination of its new Country Manager for its Dutch subsidiary.

Erik Lagendam, has been appointed as the new Country Manager for LPR BNL. This role will help to drive the commercial development and operational excellence of the business, which represents today an important part of the Division of LPR. Erik Langendam, a business leader with more than 27 years of experience, has a significant background in retail and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

“This is an exciting time to join LPR, my aim is to deliver optimum pallet solution for our clients that make a real difference to their supply chain, and ultimately the bottom line,” stated Lagendam. “I really want to make customer logistic processes more efficient, and this is the clear objectives of LPR.”

“We want to keep this momentum going, and I am confident that our management team has the skills and drive to enable us to continue to grow our market share even more in the future,” said Yves Degouve, West Europe Regional Director. “Erik is enthusiastic about the challenge to establish new business for LPR for a “hassle free supply chain” for our customers.


OrtoRomi Choses LPR

OrtoRomi, the agricultural cooperative and top player in the fruit & vegetable sector, has chosen LPR – La Palette Rouge, the European pallet-pooling specialist and Division of Euro Pool Group, to move its products within Italy. The collaboration, that started approximately a year ago, has given excellent results and has already grown stronger, reaching 40,000 pallet movements per year.

The growing sites of OrtoRomi, the cooperative leader in the production of ready-to-eat salads, extends over 600 hectares of land in Italy,  including open fields and greenhouses. OrtoRomi is equipped with modern technologies, carries out important farming innovations, and optimizes the resources needed for production. LPR moves approximately 40,000 pallets, in the 800x1200mm format, on a yearly basis.

“Our need to optimize logistics costs had become increasingly pressing”, stated Luca Pallaro, Director of Logistics at OrtoRomi. “The qualitative difference between outgoing and returned pallets, the related discussions and time wasting, together with the need to buy new pallets, had created an unbearable situation. Switching to LPR was resolving, and even our carriers benefited from this change. In fact, now they can unload the goods and leave right afterwards, they don’t have to wait anymore, and this has allowed them to lower their tariffs. Actually, it was a win-win solution”.

LPR – La Palette Rouge supports OrtoRomi at production plants in Borgoricco (Province of Padua) and Bellizzi (Province of Salerno). Production from these plants reaches retail chains all over Italy. “OrtoRomi, which is renowned for the excellence of its production and for the short and traceable agricultural chain, is extremely dynamic and, as other businesses in the sector, has started to work with us with limited numbers, which have been growing rapidly”, stated Paolo Cipriani, Sales Manager LPR Italia. “The fact that a customer with extremely high qualitative standards recognized the advantages that we were able to offer, together with the quality and the focus on the customer that is typical of our service, is a reason for pride for us.”