“Low Noise” Pallet and Cart Innovator Makes Big Noise about New Sales Director

Reusable packaging provider Container Centralen continues to develop their concept and organisation. First RFID was implemented on their flagship, the CC Container, as well as on a range of other products, and low-noise pallets and carts were introduced. Then a Customer Service Centre was set up in the Netherlands, and now they have hired a new CSO who is experienced in both the horticultural and the retail industry.

Roel de Jong is the new CSO of Container Centralen, and he brings a lot of experience from the horticultural, retail and & logistics industries with him.

On October 24, Mr. Roel de Jong will join Container Centralen (CC) as the new CSO (Sales Director) of the company. Roel de Jong will take over the responsibility for the European sales and marketing activities of CC. He will work out of the office in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, where the Customer Service Centre and other operational functions are located.

Roel de Jong, 49 years old, has several years of experience within sales, exports, marketing and top management in the dairy and seafood industries, and for the last 10 years he has worked at top management level in the horticultural industry. Furthermore, Roel de Jong has been board member of VGB and the Dutch Flower Council.

“I am very happy that we found all these different competencies in one person,” says Tonny Vangsgaard Gravesen, CEO at CC, “To have an experienced CSO like Roel de Jong in the organisation will further strengthen the process that we have already started in our company with the recent organisational changes, the formation of the cross-organisational CC Container Quality Group, as well as innovations like RFID and low-noise transport items. With his background within the horticultural and retail industries, Roel de Jong’s experience will be a valuable contribution to the continued process.”

“After working for a company that was a customer with Container Centralen during the last 10 years, I am now looking forward to the challenge of joining the company.’’ says Roel de Jong. “I think that the direction that the company is heading in is very interesting and makes way for a lot of new initiatives and opportunities within logistics, and I am looking forward to participating in this exciting development.”

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