Losing Reusables? Why Not Follow The Money?

Reusable asssets management software leader iLOGIC INC. announces new advancements with the release of masLogic™ version 2.3

maslogic banner 5-7-2014

Preventing loss and theft of pallets and other reusable packaging assets is a topic that doesn’t seem to want to go away, as evidenced by one interesting string about container theft recently at LinkedIn. Controlling the flow of money, in the form of reusable pallets and containers, can be challenging to effectively track and manage in many supply chains both by individual companies as well as in applications involving multiple organizations.

The good news is that there are solutions at hand to help mitigate such losses. Case in point, web-based reusable assets management software developer iLogic Inc., has launched masLogic™ version 2.3, for the first time featuring two operating models. masLogic 2.3 Professional enables individual companies to manage their own reusable assets, whereas masLogic 2.3 Enterprise caters to large asset pools involving multiple companies and organizations.

Some highlights of the new release include the following:

  • Dynamic Maps permits the user to graphically view your assets from a global, regional or specific location
  • Flexible Reporting facilitates generation of customized transactional reports
  • Ease of Integration with existing in-house systems
  • Real-time Reconciliation, a value-added feature that promptly addresses transactional issues between users and trading partners
  • Flexible Configuration, Usage Optimization, and , and Efficient Inventory Management to better control asset replenishment and procurement processes.

“We see a lot of inefficiencies and unnecessary waste of expenditures on reusable assets,” says Victor Cheng, President and CEO of iLogic. “In this day and age with highly competitive business environments and razor thin profit margin, it’s vitally important for financial and logistical professionals to pay close attention to these areas of the supply chain.

“At iLogic,” Victor adds, “we leverage not only the information technology such as the internet, the cloud, scanning and storage devices, but we have also incorporated decades of user-feedback and industry’s best practices into our software products. Our goal is to bring to market something that can be implemented quickly with low risk and financial investment as well as providing long-term and sustainable financial and environmental benefits to our customers.”

litco-sidebarSince 1979, iLogic Inc. has pioneered in the development of reusable assets management software and the delivery of cost-effective solutions. iLogic systems are currently deployed by hundreds of companies and not-for-profit organizations worldwide, with core competencies that span from providing enterprise level software solutions to consulting and assisting with project implementation and training. For more information, visit www.ilogic.com.


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