Loscam to Re-Enter New Zealand Market, Offers AdvaNZ Pallet

Following extensive research into the New Zealand market and numerous requests from its Australian and Asian customers, Loscam is in the final stages of planning its re-entry to the New Zealand market. The move into New Zealand represents the first new market entry since Hong Kong based infrastructure group, China Merchants acquired Loscam in July last year. Recently, Loscam headquarters moved to Hong Kong to be closer to Asian pallet market growth.

The unique Loscam AdvaNZ Pallet, a 4 way entry sustainable, locally sourced softwood pallet, will be the safest pallet on the market and will better enable handling and truck utilization with the 4 way entry. The pallet has also been designed with more accessible openings on the 1m face so there is no need to modify pallet jacks and other equipment, saving money upfront and ongoing maintenance costs. Loscam will also offer a wide range of plastic product solutions for the fresh food sectors.

Loscam’s operations will be underpinned by a depot and pallet repair centre in Auckland which will be supported by depots around New Zealand, providing coverage across both North and South islands. Loscam also plans to leverage its Australian and Asian operations to offer cross border pallet management services, with customers able to hire or dehire in New Zealand for import and export shipments.

Loscam New Zealand will be headed by Chris Sharples, who returns to New Zealand having been Loscam’s NSW State Manager for the past few years. Prior to joining Loscam in 2009, Chris spent more than 20 years working in the New Zealand logistics industry. He is extremely well supported by a dedicated team of local staff who are all focused on delivering customer solutions and providing the best advice and support in ensuring all pallets are well managed and losses are minimised.

Loscam has built its reputation throughout Asia and Australia on its “we care” service model, the quality of its products and reliability of supply and looks forward to bringing choice to the New Zealand market.


  1. nick barton says

    Loscams pallet is not unique Chep already have a similar pallet (red Chep) which was Loscams old pallet prior to being bought out by Chep in 1999. I doubt they will even last the 5 years they managed last time!

  2. Have looked at both options and don’t really see how they can claim this pallet will be the safest pallet in the market.

  3. Agree with Nick Barton, Loscam pallet is not unique and will not support the same weight as Chep blue.

  4. Connor Lewis says

    Great to see an alternative supplier of hire pallets in the NZ market. I wish Loscam NZ all very best.

    Surprised about the comments from Nick Barton, as he is from an opposition company and his comments lack credibility.

  5. Nick Barton says

    Not sure why Connor Lewis would question my credibility we are one of the largest pallet manufacturers in NZ and are not opposition to Loscam as he stated. We are independent and just don’t see why Loscam claim uniqueness on a pallet which already exists in the market?

  6. Scott M says

    Which company do you work for Connor Lewis, putting a name up with no company lacks credibility on your part. Has your company changed from Chep to Loscam? I doubt it as I have not seen these pallets in the market!!

  7. Still don’t see these pallets in many places. Understand they are losing $2m PA. Sounds like its been a ‘ruff’ start. Be interesting to see how long these losses are sustainable for……..

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