Loscam Renews Contract with Colgate-Palmolive

Loscam are pleased to announce that their customer Colgate-Palmolive has chosen to renew the contract for their distribution and warehouse management for a further three years. Loscam will partner the 200-year-old world leader of personal care and oral care products until April 2013. Colgate have been an ongoing customer of Loscam’s since the acquisition of Depco in 2006, and previously were a user of Loscam’s services as far back as 1999.

Somsak Nattakrannuwat, sales and customer service director at Loscam, explains a little about how the company will manage and administer the contract; “Our business will support their distribution and warehouse management, and already we have a very good relationship with the customer. They have used our pallets to store and distribute their wide range of products to their modern trade customers.”

Colgate exists today as one of the world’s most truly recognised brands. Formed as a soap and candle factory in 1806, the New York cottage-industry store rose to become a genuine innovator, with the introduction of toothpaste supplied in a tube; a world first in 1896. Colgate was bought by soap giant Palmolive in 1928, and the conglomerate has been run as a diversified multinational corporation ever since. Colgate operates some 340 facilities worldwide, with major facilities located in Australia, China and Thailand.
Somsak commented also on the importance of the contract renewal to Loscam; “Colgate is such a well-known brand, it is very important for Loscam to work in partnership with these larger and internationally-recognised organisations. We need to provide them with the service they deserve and expect. Colgate-Palmolive has operations across the globe, and it is a good opportunity for us to expand on our ability to handle and fulfil large, regional contracts, especially as we now serve them in a range of Asian countries.”

Peter Hubbard, Loscam Thailand country general manager explains further. “As with all customers here in Thailand, Loscam aims to work with Colgate to assist and support their distribution processes. We will continue to work closely with them to help reduce their distribution costs and ensure we provide optimum support to them everyday, whether it is peak season or not.”

Source: www.loscam.com

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