Loscam Relocates Corporate Head Office to Asia

Dr Fu Yuning, Chairman of China Merchants Loscam and the China Merchants Group, has officially opened the new corporate headquarters, in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, for China Merchants Loscam, Asia’s leading returnable packaging and pallet hire business.

Loscam, which was previously headquartered in Australia, now calls Asia home for its corporate office. The move is reflective of Loscam continuing to focus on the Asia Pacific region for its growth.

Loscam will create a new corporate entity, China Merchants Loscam International – reflecting the coming together of the 140 year old China Merchants and the 70 year old Loscam businesses. The Loscam operating entities remain unchanged i.e. Loscam Australia, Loscam Thailand etc. however Loscam will operate as China Merchants Loscam within China.

The Australian regional office will remain in Box Hill, the South East Asia regional office continues to be headquartered in Bangkok, while a new regional office for Greater China has been established in Shenzhen.
The corporate office in Hong Kong will remain small, with a strong focus on local business management in all of Loscam’s operations.

“Loscam’s new Hong Kong corporate office will better position us to respond quickly to the growing needs of our Chinese and Asian customers while at the same time enabling us to provide service choices in Australia” said Mark Daniel Loscam’s CEO. Loscam remains proud of its 70 years of tradition in delivering service. “This is part of a process that started over 16 years ago when Loscam first came to Asia and reflects the evolving needs of our major customers and their focus within the region. “

About Loscam
Founded in 1942, LOSCAM is a fast growing provider of Returnable Package Handling (RPH) solutions for use in Australia and Asian supply chains operating in 9 countries throughout the Asia Pacific. Loscam is focused on delivering high quality, efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions

About China Merchants Group
Founded in 1872, China Merchants was the first national enterprise in the modern history of China and currently is one of the big four PRC Companies based in Hong Kong. In 1992, its subsidiary – CMHI was the first red chip stock to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. China Merchants is a diversified conglomerate with interests in Industrial Zones, transportation and infrastructure, shipping and port operations, finance, property, and hotels. Total assets owned are US$50 billion and assets operated are US$431 billion.

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