Loscam Proudly Sponsors The Women’s Foundation (TWF) Leading Women Speaker Series

Leading equipment pooling solutions provider, LOSCAM, has announced it will be co-sponsoring the Leading Women in Logistics and Transport Panel on 24th September in Hong Kong. The Panel is part of TWF & Bloomberg’s Leading Women Speaker Series which examine the challenges and opportunities for career advancement for women in different industries and professions.

Traditionally the logistics sector has had low women participation rates. Loscam is continuously striving to lift awareness of the logistics sector as a viable place for women to build successful careers and hence the sponsorship is particularly relevant to ensuring increases in participation rates of women.

Loscam has seen a steady rise in women participation with over 40 percent of its key management roles now filled by women. This has been achieved through implementation of policies and practices such as encouraging gender equality and anti-discrimination policies, allowing flexible work arrangements, taking action against sexual harassment and violence in the workplace etc

The sponsorship provided to the Women’s Foundation by Loscam will assist funding of a research paper on opportunities and challenges for women in the logistics and transport sector, recommendations for companies, industry associations and the government on how to level the playing field and ensure women have equal access to opportunities for career advancement and to achieve their full potential in these industries and other initiatives for the logistics and transport industry to inspire young women to aspire, grow and lead within this sector in the future such as scholarships etc.