Loscam Pallets Serve Both CSR Initiative and Guinness World Records Breaker

Loscam recently supported a Hong Kong charity mega event, Together We Build, organized by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council and the Government District Offices, to raise public awareness and needed funds for stroke rehabilitation. Taking part as an exclusive Pallet Maze Sponsor, the company positioned 8,000 of its Loscam pallets at the Hong Kong Central Harbourfront Event Space to form a 5,000 m2 gigantic maze in a shape of ‘HK’ on August 26, 2017. This Loscam initiative at the Together We Build event resulted in the setting of a new Guinness World Record for the Longest Line of Pallets, measuring 1,020.47 m (3246 feet).

The sturdy and standard 1,000 x 1,200 mm Loscam ECR China pallets enabled construction and measurement of the maze with ease and precision. In supporting the event, Loscam also donated 20,000 mini pallets for workshops held along the event and provided full logistic assistance to streamline pallet move-in and out of the venue. The team has taken one step further to exhibit the Group’s staunch support by forming a Maze Build Crew consisting of 50 staff and management to participate two build-up sessions.

A continuous line of yellow at a maximum height of 7 pallets took 6 hours of work and 2,000 participants to accomplish. Attending dignitaries were grouped into teams of four to complete an unbroken maze line with 20 pallets during the Opening Ceremony. With cheers from more than 200 people including sponsors, guests, and participants, a new world record was announced and was forever written in the history of Guinness and the HKSAR.

“Loscam is honored to participate this remarkable event. Our support to community programs are without reserve, and always strongly echoed by the management of the China Merchants Group,” said Sirin Limpaitoon.

Tai Chingnam, Executive Vice President of Greater China, expressed his excitement for standing at the maze, “Without any hesitation, I say ‘yes’ the first time I heard about this project. ‘Together We Build’ is not only the theme for this event but has been rooted in our CSR agenda. Each year, we launch different community projects using our retired pallets for the benefit of our neighboring communities, especially to schools and NGOs. We always say contribution is not always about money, but to create something out of everything around us!”

Linda Tsui, Executive Vice President of Finance also gave her remarks, “This event sends two important message about Loscam, first being the unlimited possibilities our pallets can bring; second being Loscam’s capability and flexibility in meeting our partners’ need, especially amid unforeseeable circumstances like the two surprise typhoon hits this time.”

In celebrating 75 years of embracing passion and innovation in the Asia Pacific market, Loscam already kicked off a series of new community engagement program across the regions it operates.

“We have created history with our customers, and we are going to make new ones together. Our contribution to our neighborhood will never be a random act, but a consistent pursuit across our operations,” said Sirin.

Loscam pallet maze


Mini-pallet workshop