LOSCAM Opens New Auckland Depot

Loscam, a leading Australasian pallet and logistics equipment rental company, recently opened its Auckland depot in Onehunga, Auckland. Ideally placed for the logistics and manufacturing sectors, the depot is also the head office for Loscam New Zealand Limited.

The depot will provide the full range of pallet and equipment repair services and is strategically placed adjacent to the rail terminal, enabling efficient and carbon friendly relocations of pallets throughout New Zealand by the countries rail network.

Loscam’s rate of growth in New Zealand continues to expand, with its 4 way entry pallet bringing significant benefits to its customers through increased transport efficiency, enhanced safety and stability and greater utility in warehouses and back of stores.

Chris Sharples, Country General Manager said “The facility will allow Loscam to adequately cater for its current and forecast growth in New Zealand and is ideally placed to connect with our 16 depots via both road and rail networks throughout New Zealand”.

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