Loscam Makes Further Investment in Online Management System

Key enhancements to the Loscam Online system, make the system even easier and more effective to use.

Since it was launched in Australia in late 2006, the Loscam Online system has aimed to bring a raft of benefits to customers wanting to use the internet to access their transactional data and ECD dockets. The new system is simpler to use, requires minimal configuration and no installation as it is accessible directly via the internet and is available 24/7. It eliminates the need for manual docket books and offers Online Transfer Processing with barcoded dockets printed in real time for movement with pallets.

All pallet transfer and pallet exchange information is processed as it is entered into Loscam Online. In addition, the system offers online ordering of Loscam equipment and online notification of de-hires. Product and dollar balances of customer accounts are updated daily and 12-month graphical analysis of accounts is also available.

“We have been working on the new Loscam Online system for over six months and have done a lot of customer testing to provide a new direct data entry online system that our customers want,” says Sandy Capannolo, General Manager Business Improvement. “We’ve simplified some of the processing of transactions and through direct data entry pallet transaction processing have minimised the potential for errors and delays, and the end result is a process that is more streamlined and efficient.”

Shaun McNally, Upgrade Project Manager, says Loscam will continue to improve Loscam Online to make the system easy and efficient for Loscam customers. “Additional enhancements are planned, for example if there is a transaction error the system will send an email to the Loscam customer notifying them that transfer errors exist so they can access the Loscam Online system to view and resolve the errors.” says Shaun.

Loscam customers share the same sentiments as they log on and experience the enhanced Loscam Online system first-hand.

“Well done on the new & improved Loscam Online. Great to look at, easy to use and lot’s of great info. I’m impressed!” Wilma Warnock, National Pallet Controller, Swire Cold storage.

“We find Loscam online to be very good .So far we have had no problems and the guys in the warehouse are happy as well.” Sam de Silva, Warehouse Manager, Holman Industries.

Visit Loscam at www.loscam.com.

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