Loscam Expands Its Pallet Pooling Services to Myanmar


Loscam, Asia Pacific’s leading pallet pooling service provider, is pleased to announce that the company has completed the establishment of its Myanmar subsidiary in Yangon and has commenced pallet pooling services to its customers in Myanmar.

Myanmar becomes the 7th country in South East Asia that Loscam has set up operations since Loscam first set foot in Singapore in 1993 marking its first entry into the Asian region. Besides Myanmar, Loscam South East Asia operations are located in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. In these countries, Loscam provides returnable packaging solutions, including ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) wooden pallets, hygiene plastic pallets, pallet cages and crates.

Mr. Kenny Tan, Executive Vice President of Loscam South East Asia, explains Loscam’s strategy to enter Myanmar, “Loscam had been providing pallet pooling services to our customers in six South East Asia countries before entering Myanmar. As customers are increasingly moving goods through palletisation, the benefits of pallet pooling become more evident with the evolvement of the logistics supply chain. Moving manufactured goods from traditional manufacturing hubs such as Thailand to consumers in emerging countries is now made easier with Loscam’s cross-border pooling capability. It has been our objective to establish an integrated pooling network across South East Asia and to strive to be our customers’ partner of choice in pallet pooling”.

Loscam is the largest pallet pooling service provider in South East Asia, and is the only company who has the capability to provide cross-border pooling service across the countries. With the support of Loscam’s well-established service network in the region, our customers are able to utilize Loscam pooling services to increase their supply chain efficiency and to lower logistics costs.

Myanmar is regarded as one of the fastest growing and most promising economies in Asia Pacific, with real annual GDP growth exceeding 8% for the last few years. “Entering the vibrant Myanmar market is definitely among our development strategy to fulfil our commitment to our customers,” Mr. Kenny Tan adds.

The establishment of Loscam Myanmar is an important milestone for Loscam South East Asia, allowing Loscam to strengthen our key position in supporting supply chains within ASEAN, more so with the implementation of AEC (ASEAN Economic Community). Loscam is honoured to be able to contribute to the development and modernization of Myanmar’s logistics and supply chain sectors.