Loscam Appoints New President

Sirin LimpaitoonChina Merchants Loscam, Asia Pacific’s leader in pallet equipment pooling solutions, announced the appointment of Mr. Sirin Limpaitoon as its new President of the Loscam Group of Companies. Mr. Limpaitoon assumed the new role on the 3rd July 2015, taking over from Mr. Mark Daniel who is retiring.

Dr. Raymond Yu, Chairman of China Merchants Loscam, said “The appointment is a continuation of our succession plan which we implemented over 18 months ago. The restructure we announced in January this year was part of this process and today’s appointment reflects an orderly transition of senior management.”

“The appointment underscores the growing importance the Asian economies play in the overall Loscam strategy,” Dr. Yu continued. “The board is extremely confident that with the new structure and Mr. Limpaitoon’s appointment, Loscam is well placed to meet any future challenges.”

Mr. Limpaitoon joined Loscam in 1995 as Thailand Country Manager and held a number of roles until being appointed Managing Director – Asia in 2001 and subsequently, Regional Director/Executive Vice President Southeast Asia since 2006. With degrees in Law from the Ramkhamhaeng University and Literature from Beijing Language and Culture University, Mr. Limpaitoon also holds a Masters in Marketing from Thammasat University.

Dr. Yu also wished to acknowledge and thank Mr. Mark Daniel on behalf of the board for the development he had brought to Loscam during the past 7 years. “Mr. Daniel has earned our respect and admiration by his insights, skill sets, hard work and cooperation. The introduction of the “One Loscam” principle into the business has strengthened the bond and synergies across all regions and his extensive knowledge and experience has contributed to the “China Growth Story”