Loscam and Supplier Innovation Programme at Coca-Cola Indonesia

Longstanding Loscam customer Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCA) has been instrumental in introducing pallets to their supply chain, and in implementing the pallet transfer model with modern trade to facilitate efficient loading and unloading of vehicles.

Forward Thinking – It’s little wonder that this pioneering company was also one of the first major businesses to support the centralised distribution model, changing from supplying direct to store, to delivering only to the Matahari distribution centre. This has reportedly been a success across the board for CCA and Matahari and additionally for Loscam who provide the pallets for product handling.

With full Loscam support, this year CCA also introduced a structured Supplier Innovation Programme to drive innovation from their key suppliers and create an environment where joint initiatives around continuous advancements offer a benefit for both parties by providing efficiencies and streamlining service improvements.

Client commitment to this programme is further strengthened by Loscam who have developed a training programme outlining pallet care with the right number of fit for purpose pallets delivered direct to the automated production line. Additionally, working closely with customer teams on a weekly basis ensures volumes are accommodated and operations run smoothly.

Loscam country manager Zulhizar Hasibuan explains how their part of the programme has been implemented, “Loscam are about halfway through rolling out the pallet handling side, which involves staff training across the Indonesian CCA facilities at Cibitung, Semarang and Surabaya. The purpose of this training is to give staff a greater understanding with regards to taking care and handling of pallets resulting in more efficient operations, especially as CCA has implemented more automated pallet handling equipment.”

On-going Improvements – The Supplier Innovation Programme outlines the following focus areas: improving efficiency, steering innovation, improving customer service and supporting sustainability. Loscam is working closely with CCA to deliver projects that address each of these key four areas, including the expansion of depot locations, increasing the uptake of palletised deliveries, reducing lead times and ensuring optimum recycling of timber components.

The future of pallets in assisting logistics in Indonesia is not only improving but also growing especially with regard to ECR standard wooden pallets and pallet pooling. “Standard ECR pallets have a very promising future in the Indonesian market” adds Zulhizar. “The way they are constructed makes them ideal for quick transitions and therefore perfect for FMCG companies. Additionally, clients benefit from the ability to participate in our rental scheme offering great cost savings when compared to purchasing pallets. Loscam can take care of the pallets leaving clients free to focus on their core business. The Indonesian logistics market just keeps on getting better” concludes Zulhizar Hasibuan.

Did you Know? – Loscam ECR standard pallets are being used extensively in automated production lines across Asia.

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