LOMOLD Composite Pallet System Unveiled at PACK EXPO

LOMOLD‘s new composite pallet system generated a lot of attention at PACK EXPO. Edge racking a 3000 lb. unit load of water at its display (as seen at right), the pallet is a two piece fiberglass and polypropylene composite injection molded unit.

According to LOMOLD, the ability to separate and rejoin bottom and top decks in the LOMOLD pallet system provides significant logistical benefits, allowing the “slaved” base to stay behind at a manufacturer’s production plant or distribution center and product to move solely on the top deck to a customer’s facility, where it would then be placed on another slave base racked in that facility.  When not in use, both top and bottom decks are nestable (after unloading and / or detaching one from the other), greatly reducing the footprint needed to store or ship empty pallets. This flexibility enables users at manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and even retail stores to purchase just the components they need, based on how they prefer to receive and dispatch goods within their internal logistics systems and existing infrastructure.

The lightweight pallets can also be edge racked along either their long or short sides. The industry’s standard specification calls for pallets to be edge racked with a load of 1,250 kilograms / 2,800 pounds for 30 days and to sustain less than 22 millimeters / 0.8 inches of deflection under these conditions.  During pre-qualification testing, the company reports that its pallet easily met and exceeded these grueling conditions, and official certification testing is currently underway.

The pallet also features a variety of optional clip-on attachments which seemed to generate interest from show attendees.

For more information, visit http://www.lomold.com.

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