Logtek: Reusable Transport Packaging Service Provider Returns to Original Name

A reusable packaging services provider is returning to an earlier name. Following the emergence of LINPAC Allibert and Schoeller Arca Systems as a single company earlier this year, LINPAC Services is returning to its statutory name of Logtek LimitedSchoeller Allibert is now the world leader in plastic reusable transit packaging (RTP) and as its wholly owned subsidiary, Logtek will continue to play an important role supplying customers with container management,  rental, pooling and other support services.

“We have been trading as LINPAC Services for some time but many of our long term customers will recognise the Logtek name,” commented Lisa Tank, head of contract delivery at Logtek. “With the rebranding of our parent company to Schoeller Allibert, we couldn’t continue to use LINPAC so have decided to return to our statutory name of Logtek limited.  As far as our customers are concerned, we are still the same company with the same people, offering the same high levels of service – whether that be delivering wash services to BRC accredited standards, or asset managing equipment fleets to improve utilisation and drive efficiencies within supply chains.”

“Being part of a world leading company will of course offer some advantages to our customers, as we will benefit from greater investment in people, infrastructure and innovation, with the largest research and development centre in the industry.  Schoeller Allibert prides itself on helping customers take care of every step of the packaging process and Logtek works closely with them and our sister company Smart Carrier Systems, to offer a complete 360° full service offer, providing all the services customers need to manage their RTP fleet.”

Logtek was originally established in the mid-1990s to provide services related to reusable transport packaging usage.  Key services include asset management, RFID, equipment leasing, washing and swab testing, rental and repair, RFID Tag checking and replacement, waste management and recycling.

“In tough economic times, optimising supply chains is critical to keeping costs down and we expect demand for our services to continue to grow in 2013,” Ms. Tank continued.  “The use of RTP is increasing as the retail and logistics industries seek to reduce the cost and environmental impact of packaging and transporting goods. However, customers don’t necessarily want to take on the task of managing an RTP fleet or paying the upfront capital expenditure for the containers.  With Logtek, they can effectively outsource the management of their RTP fleet to an expert who understands their materials handling requirements and ensures the right equipment is in the right place at the right time and can even minimise upfront costs with our leasing and rental services.”

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