Loadhog Revolutionises Bulk Transport

The Pally & Lid System, created and patented by the Sheffield U.K.-based returnable packaging innovator, Loadhog, offers a complete and common-sense alternative to returnable roll cages, pallets and stretch wrap.

Even though the system occupies the same usable footprint as a roll cage, Loadhog states that the lid eliminates the need for metal sides and one-trip securing materials, such as wrap or banding, and increases load security.

Equipment weight is reduced by 60%; up to 64 loaded Pallys can be carried per vehicle, as opposed by 45 cages, delivering a 42% increase in vehicle utilisation to move the same quantity of product; and freeing up almost 80% of the space currently required for storage.

Pally is a patented combination of a pallet and wheeled dolly in one 800x600mm design, developed to meet the requirements one of the country’s largest grocery retailers. A simple foot press on a pedal at either end of the unit transfers up to 500kg load from pallet bearers to wheels or vice versa, making Pally stable immediately or mobile on demand. This makes Pally the ideal platform to move goods quickly and efficiently between supply chain processes – from supplier to shelf or within a manufacturing process – without the need for forklifts or pump trucks.

Designed to nest with plastic crates or cardboard boxes, the Pally is stackable when empty and can be used as a system with a half euro Loadhog Lid, with its integrated and retractable straps clamping the load to Pally.

The lightweight, high impact polypropylene, 190 litre capacity Hogbox was invented to satisfy the demands of a major UK home furnishings and improvements retailer. With built-in pallet feet; handles; attached lockable lids and a 100kg load capacity, the hand-moved product eliminates the wasteful use of cardboard boxes or plastic packaging. It is also stackable and compatible with mechanical handling equipment, including forklifts, and provides tamper proof product protection in storage and transit.

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