Loadhog Displays Pally Magnum at SITL Show

Reusable packaging manufacturer Loadhog was recently showing the Pally Magnum, its newest product, at the SITL 2012 show in Paris, France. THE Pally Magnum is a combination of a pallet, a wheeled dolly and a folding pallet container in one 800 x 600mm design.

One simple foot press on a pedal at either end of the unit will transfer up to 500kg load from the pallet bearers to wheels or vice versa. The addition of the folding sides will meet both the needs of transport; greater trailer fill, double stacking, efficient returns and customer; easy to manoeuvre, faster to replenish.

Damien Montagne of Loadhog sees it being a great fit for both retail as well as in automotive or manufacturing applications.

He notes that for retail, it is possible to have a unit go straight from the DC into the shelf with no need to rely on pump truck, and very easy to manoeuvre in store. Additional handling opportunities include linking them in a train to take more than one unit at once, as well as the possibility of double stacking on top of the Pally Magnum to optimise the transport.

In automotive and manufacturing, the Pally Magnum is ideal for moving work in progress within a plant or between a suppliers or to a customer. An added benefit is the reduced requirement for material handling equipment to move the Pally on the factory floor.

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