LINPAC Allibert Supplies RFID-Enabled Reusable Plastic Trays to Norwegian Grocery Industry Pool

NLP, Norway’s cooperative grocery industry returnable container and pallet pool, has selected LINPAC Allibert’s new line of Maxinest+ RFID-enabled produce trays.

According to a story in Materials Handling World Magazine, the RFID-enabled trays are helping NLP customers enjoy faster cycle times, accurate “real-time” inventory and reduced losses.

Two water and shock-resistant RFID tags are applied at the point of manufacture and the RFID-enabled trays are then individually validated by a test reader before being palletised. The full pallet loads then pass through a portal which records quantity and acts as a fail-safe check that the tags are working.

NLP pool pallet,plastic pool pallet,Norwegian plastic pool pallet

In addition to RFID-enabled reusable trays, NLP also utilizes RFID-enable plastic pallets as well as EPAL pallets.

The NLP pool is a joint venture of Norway’s two leading grocery trade associations, representing both suppliers and retailers, created to deliver cost-effective and environmentally-friendly return and re-use systems for returnable containers and pallets in the Norwegian grocery industry.

NLP’s RFID rental pool initiative is designed to optimize efficiency and cost savings for the customer and avoid the need for investment in expensive equipment and training, projecting a complete return on investment within a matter of weeks.

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