Linen Technology Tracking Selects Fluensee AssetTrack™

Linen Technology Tracking, LLC. has selected Denver-based Fluensee to deliver its patented linentracker® solution on Fluensee’s AssetTrack platform to optimize the utilization, inventorying, tracking, laundering and replenishment of towels, linens, hampers and related assets to its many hotel customers. Fluensee is a well known asset tracking provider, with clients including Container Centralen in the U.S.

Tracking is hugely important for the hospitality industry. One of the largest expenses of room occupancy is the growing cost of linen supplies; however, hotels nationwide are operating with limited inventory information, control and knowledge of the true costs of these assets.

The linentracker solution powered by Fluensee gives hotels the ability to manage thousands of RFID-enabled towels, sheets, bathrobes and other associated assets throughout hotel properties and laundry service providers. Tagged with Linen Technology Tracking’s patented RFID SMARTtags, each asset is scanned and monitored to and from the laundry, in and out of linen closets, at various check-in/out stations, down laundry chutes and even at pool and beach kiosks. AssetTrack’s comprehensive ability to capture these processes in real time combined with a powerful reporting and analytics engine gives hotel operators the unique ability to efficiently manage their investment in these otherwise difficult-to-manage assets.

Real-time visibility to these items combined with a powerful workflow engine and customizable alerting functions provide hotels with significant benefits, including:

  • Reduction in inventory time and labor
  • More efficient management of linen purchases
  • Improved control and savings within the laundry process
  • Increased life of linens and towels
  • Improved control over check-in and check-out process
  • Reduction in linen and towel theft and shrinkage
  • Improved customer service

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