Lightweight Plastic “Send and Forget” Pallet a Game Changer from Cabka

For pallets, a few key factors can result in “game changing” advantages for a particular application. One of those pivotal opportunities is the relationship between pallet weight and performance. A lightweight pallet offers the potential for freights savings, as well as improved safety and reduced workman’s comp claims. Additionally, less material going into the pallet can translate into more competitive pallet pricing. On the flip side however, lightweight pallets in the past have usually come at the expense of performance.

With this in mind, Cabka, a leading provider of plastic pallets and boxes has developed a new nestable lightweight plastic pallet, the CPP 100. Weighing only 12.5 lbs and able to handle dynamic load capacities of up to 2,200 lbs,  it makes no compromise in finding the sweet spot between weight and performance.CPP 100 plastic pallet

“Weight of the pallet and load rating are perhaps the two most important metrics in designing a plastic pallet,” explains Nate Franck, director of sales for Cabka North America. “You can make a 10-lb pallet, but it won’t hold much weight.  Ours was developed through our design department that has been nearly 30 years in the business.  We also recycle our own material so we are vertically integrated.”

Available in 100 percent recycled plastic and sourced from a single post-industrial source, the CP 100 is available now for new customers. “The use of use a single-stream of recycled material allows us to know what is in our pallets”, Nate adds.

Franck, who has over a decade of experience in plastic pallet engineering, design and marketing, has had even a lengthier passion for pallets. As an engineering student in college, Nate recalls that many of his classmates were working on projects like prototype formula race cars and other topics that would strike the fancy of a typical college senior. Meanwhile, to the consternation of his professor, he was busy creating an impact testing device for plastic pallets.

Over a decade later, Nate continues to make an impact with plastic pallets – this time around with Cabka’s CPP 100. Its’ extremely low nesting-height of only 1.2” provides freight-cost and storing capacity savings. The nesting ratio has been improved by 25 percent: a 53‘ trailer can now hold 2,340 pallets. And for use in racks and/or double-stacking, Cabka offers 3 optional snap-on bottom skids.

Nate reports that the competitively priced CPP 100 “Ship and Forget” pallet is making rapid inroads into the export pallet market, which is still largely serviced by wood pallets.  “Made from single sourced recycled resin the CP 100 is sustainable, more sanitary, exempt from ISPM-15 regulations, and consistent in both weight and dimensions,” he summarizes. “Increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved sustainability are some of the top business goals in today’s global economy.  The proper shipping platform can help you achieve them.”

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