Lift Truck Safety Blitz Announced

The Alberta government has announced a province-wide blitz on forklift safety.

In a decision prompted by the high number of injuries and deaths related to forklift usage, Employment Minister Thomas Lukaszuk put industry on notice to expect extra inspections at workplaces cross Alberta that use forklifts.

The blitz is intended to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries due to the equipment. In 2010, Alberta recorded 116 lost-time claims due to forklift accidents, There were four fatalities in 2008 and one in 2009.

Appropriate forklift training is mandatory in Alberta, as in most jurisdictions. There are other areas of consideration, including maintenance of equipment, supervision and maintaining safe working conditions, including rules around how pedestrians interact with mobile equipment.

While such detailed measures might seem like overkill to those who have not been there, it is the only way to effectively eliminate the risks of fatality on the job.

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