Lift Assist Equipment a Must for Safe Work Environment

A Pallet lifter is used for loading and unloading pallets (sometimes called skids), which are flat transport structures that support goods in a stable way while they are being lifted.  Pallet lifters come in a number of types, varieties and sizes and can be customized for your individual needs. In order to choose the right pallet lifter for your specific operations you will need to first understand the differences of each model and the associated pros and cons.  Ensuring that you have the right pallet lifter for the job will help ensure your operator’s safety and reduce their risk of injury. When it comes to industrial work safety is the first priority. By creating a safe workplace you can protect your employees from injury. Pallet lifters will reduce the risk of injury, improving productivity and employee morale.

Industrial scissor lifts, lift tables and platform lifts are all used to raise and lower platforms.  Lift tables help reduce work related injuries by making overhead tasks safer and more efficient. As the leading occupational hazard for workers, cumulative trauma disorders are the result of employees performing repetitive motions or working awkwardly for a long time. Lift tables ensure that objects are positioned suitably and at the right height for operators which reduces the risk of workplace injury.  Lift tables are a high quality ergonomic solution for automation of industrial and warehouse applications.  Ball screw electric lift tables provide zero load drift while increasing safety and providing solutions to better repeatability and automation of jobs.  If you have people working underneath a product or in jobs using robotic integration and applications then consider a ball screw electric lift table.  Lift tables are ideal in industrial and commercial applications to raise and position materials for workers in order to reduce the potential for injury. Industrial lift tables help create a safe and efficient workplace, increase productivity and reduce the potential of time lost due to work place injury.

Roll lifters are also called mobile automatic drum roll lifters and can transport many large, heavy items safely.  Drum roll lifters can tip, empty, mix and lift items in addition to transporting them.  The roll lifter’s ergonomic design can eliminate muscle, joint and back injuries while increasing a worker’s overall output.  Drum roll lifters are easily changed using their load attachment to accommodate many different kinds of uses.  In addition to enhancing workplace safety and reducing work related injuries roll lifters also maximize productivity. Ensure the roll lifter you choose is strong, reliable, durable and easy to operate and maintain.  Look for a roll lifter that is affordable, but be sure you don’t sacrifice safety features for a low price. Roll lifters come in many different sizes, for different uses so ensure you choose one that is suited to your needs and that will enhance the safety and efficiency of your operators..

A platform lift is composed of scissor legs, a lower frame assembly and a platform. Scissor tables allow operators to lift large amounts of weight easily and safely, reducing the risk of workplace injury. Platform lifts help reduce incidents of musculoskeletal disorders by positioning work and objects at a suitable height for operators.  Platform lifts are used in a wide variety of industries because they are so safe and reliable. There are three types of operating methods for platform lifts including hydraulic, self-positioning and pneumatic.  There are many scissor lift table options such as ball screw electric lift tables and multiple stage scissor lifts (including double and triple scissor lifts).  Hydraulic scissor lifts work by moving a lift platform up and down with hydraulic cylinders.  Pneumatic scissor lifts use air bags to move the lift platform up and down.  A self-positioning scissor lift uses weight to lower and raise its platform.  Ball screw electric lift tables are good choices for robotic integration and applications because they provide zero load drift at any elevation. Lift tables come with many safety options including toe guards, speed fuses, safety bars and protection skirts.  Individual fail arrest devices provide further safety for platform lifts.


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