Liberty Technologies Launches Liberty Parts Direct™

Liberty Technologies, a Millwood Inc. company and a worldwide industry leader and innovator of unit load and packaging systems, has launched Liberty Parts Direct™,, an on-line parts ordering system for the packaging and materials handling industry.

The system provides the user the ability to order parts based on machine description or part number. Once the part number has been selected then the user has the option to keep shopping or check out using a credit card or purchase order number.

Liberty Parts Direct also provides the visitor the ability to download all instruction manuals and view video of the actual reconditioned machines that are available. The instruction manuals help the user identify parts and operating instructions. The videos provide the visitor with a quick review of machine performance.

“Many of our customers are extending their investment in capital machinery by implementing preventative maintenance programs,” says Ron Ringness, Executive Vice President – Sales, Marketing & Technology/Partner at Millwood Inc., the parent company of Liberty Technologies. “We want to assist this process by giving the customer a system that allows them to quickly specify and order their parts while they concentrate on other priorities.”

“With Liberty Technologies’ diversified line of products, in-stock parts from all manufacturers can now be bought through an easy-to-use order entry system and delivered to your location,” adds Rich Evick, Senior Vice President, Liberty Technologies. “We have parts available for stretch-wrap and shrink systems, conveyors, palletizers, strapping, taping, and weighing systems, lifting devices, and robotic palletizing. Liberty Parts Direct™ also provides the capability of replacing a single part to purchasing a complete reconditioned machine.”

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