On June 1, CHEP South America began executing inbound and outbound transportation with 35 facilities in three countries.

“Extending our global footprint into new geographic locations is a benefit to all of our customers,” said Chris Timmer, Chief Commercial Officer. “Every time a new client connects to our network the amount of transportation information flowing through our system increases and all of our users can draw actionable intelligence to make better business decisions.”

CHEP South America provides pallets and container pooling services for the aerospace, automotive, chemical, consumer goods, fresh foods, and manufacturing industries.

LeanLogistics transportation solutions are designed to deliver quantifiable results to end users. Through LeanTMS, shippers gain visibility into the entire supply chain to ensure operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Most first time customers save up to 15 percent in the first year after implementation.

“With LeanTMS, a company gains visibility into its entire supply chain to save time and money,” said Timmer. “Our innovative solutions are designed to help customers reach their goals as quickly as possible.”

LeanLogistics customer base reaches into more than 60 countries worldwide.

Source: LeanLogistics