Leading RPC Provider Debuts Innovative Consumer Shopping Experience Solutions

One of the challenges for reusable plastic container (RPC) growth has been that it provides visually a somewhat different shopping experience than corrugated packaging. Preprint graphics associated with corrugated single trip containers have a rich heritage in the marketplace, can be visually very attractive, and for decades have acted as an informal way to identify product for not only customers, but also for warehousing, distribution, and retail stocking workers further up the supply chain.

Now, IFCO, the global leader in RPCs, is taking advantage of the 2012 Fresh Summit to introduce its Fresh Market Advantage, in which it takes dead aim at providing an innovative consumer shopping experience. These solutions successfully combine the right RPC design, efficient supply chain logistics, and impactful retail merchandising support, according to IFCO. Attendees at the Produce Marketing Association’s 2012 Fresh Summit can preview IFCO‘s Fresh Market Advantage in the company‘s expo booth 1012.

The Fresh Market Advantage merchandising solutions were developed in concert with leading North American retailers and growers to ensure requirements of the supply and demand sides of the industry are met with the ultimate goal of increasing fresh produce sales for RPC users. “Utilizing packaging that protects product quality is critical to connecting with shoppers and increasing sales,” said Hillary Femal, IFCO’s Director of Strategic Market Development. “Consumers want to see beautiful, high- quality product and the information they need to make their decision. Our Fresh Market Advantage solutions are the most effective way to meet their needs.”

IFCO’s newest innovations were a natural next step in providing the company’s retail partners with effective solutions where it matters most – the fresh market. “This area is critical to success at retail, driving differentiation and profits. It sets the tone for how shoppers view the quality of the rest of the store.” said Fred Heptinstall, President and General Manager of IFCO US. “IFCO’s solutions give retailers an advantage in this vital area by delivering superior quality products, providing greater supply chain efficiencies, contributing to lower environmental impact and creating an engaging consumer shopping experience.”

As the market leader with more than 165 million RPCs in circulation worldwide, IFCO is the leading provider of reusable containers to the fresh food sector. IFCO handles all RPC logistics, from distributions to cleaning to re-entry into the supply chain. After retail use, IFCO RPCs are folded, collected and shipped back to one of IFCO’s service facilities, where they are sanitized and prepared for re-use.

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