ORBIS Corporation, a manufacturer of sustainable reusable plastic packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization has named its Rexdale, Ontario facility as its plant of the year.

ORBIS has long offered products that enable its customers to conduct environmentally conscious shipping, packing, storage and systems management that improves the flow of product through the supply chain. The company also commits itself internally to ensuring they utilize efficient and progressive practices and materials to attain a greater level of environmental sustainability in their headquarters, offices and plants across the map. The award is of particular significance as ORBIS adheres to company-wide efforts to deliver a high level of sustainability throughout the entire organization

And the Rexdale, Ontario facility was recognized as the best of the best.

For this award, ORBIS judges its plants on performance in the areas of delivering customer value, employee safety, financial results, project deployment, community involvement, teamwork, support of company goals and employee engagement. The Rexdale plant, manufacturing home of the popular ORBIS Green Bin for organic waste collection and a wide variety of other reusable products, was selected because of significant improvements in on-time delivery to its customers, employee retention, increased profitability, environmental upgrades that reduced overall water usage and a very strong employee safety score, while increasing its annual shipments by nearly 20 percent.

Steve Smith, plant manager was presented the award by Bill Ash, president, ORBIS Corporation. Also present was the City of Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, and Ward 1 Councilor, Vincent Crisanti, who were visiting the plant for a tour.

“We were very pleased to present this award to the Rexdale team,” said Pat Feeney, vice president of operations for ORBIS Corporation. “Over the past year, this plant has excelled in several key areas and made significant process improvements to help meet our customers’ needs faster and more efficiently.”

About ORBIS Corporation

ORBIS understands how recycling and diversion programs work. Its team of experts work with municipalities and haulers to identify recycling/diversion goals and assist in planning curbside recycling or diversion programs to meet the needs of residents. With value-added educational programming, community outreach and environmental expertise, ORBIS helps communities meet their waste diversion goals while improving the health of the planet we all care about. With more than 160 years of material handling expertise and 50 years of plastics innovations. As a steward of sustainability, ORBIS is committed to a better world for future generations. ORBIS tracks and measure our own resource utilization to continuously conserve natural resources and reduce waste. For more information, please visit www.orbiscorporation.com, www.linkedin.com/company/orbis-corporation,www.facebook.com/ORBISCorporation, or www.youtube.com/orbiscorp.

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