Launch of LabPalettes, collaborative initiative in France to think about the future of the wood pallet

Wishing to bring together actors from the supply chain as part of a collective work of reflection and experimentation, LabPalettes aims to bring out innovation projects around the wood pallet.

It is the most universal logistics tool in the logistics sector: the wood pallet now represents 95% of the pallets in circulation. In France, between 300 and 350 million units are in circulation. A key link in the logistics chain that the LabPalettes initiative wants to study collectively to meet the challenges of reducing the environmental impact as well as traceability opportunities. Launched by the pallet commission of the National Federation of Wood and Sypal (National Union of Wood Pallet), this approach is based on the principle of FabLab to bring together suppliers of wooden pallets and supply chain actors to work together on the evolutions of this tool in the years to come.

The launch of LabPalettes will be formalized on May 21st as part of a first co-reflection workshop that will bring together more than 25 participants and professionals, under the leadership of Anne de Béthencourt, founder of the Integral Vision agency. A meeting which will then lead to work to bring out the major issues for the supply chain sector and allow to launch pre-feasibility studies around them in order to then identify the technical experts and put in place appropriate financing plans.

(Google Translate from a French language report).