Laminar Medica Expands Global Distribution for Passive Insulated Shipping Systems in Germany

Laminar Medica (LM), a leading provider of insulated shipping systems, has announced a new regional supply partnership. An agreement has been signed with Pharma LogisticsPartner (PLP) to supply Laminar Medica products from their operations in Germany to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

Since 1975, Laminar Medica has offered insulated shipping systems, used by the pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research sectors globally. These systems protect vaccines, drugs, blood & associated medical products from extremes of temperature during transportation.

With over 40 years’ experience, Laminar offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of passive cold chain solutions on the market. From small parcel size to bulk pallet load payload capacities, combined with multiple options for service duration and temperature band.

The expansion of Laminar’s regional product availability compliments the pharma and clinical research sectors growth into new geographic regions, fuelled by a growing demand for healthcare, and requirements for clinical testing across diverse population groups. As a result, temperature-sensitive drug products need to be kept safe and compliant for longer journeys–often when in-market infrastructure is lacking and temperature fluctuations during transportation are extreme.

LM Sales & Marketing Director, Mike Hickey commented: “This new partnership is further evidence of our customer’s confidence in our products and our ongoing commitment to ensure we can supply locally, across Europe. We want our validated solutions to be available for our customers in their local region, wherever the drug is being manufactured or handled for export. Many of our customers want to develop a shipping system from a single source global supplier and implement it as part of their global GDP standardised procedure for that drug product”.

The expansion of our supplier network will allow us to improve our offer into these key strategic markets. Customer benefits will include:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Next day delivery
  • Smaller quantities

The new partnership with Pharma LogisticsPartner will supplement Laminar’s existing global distribution network, with facilities in United Kingdom, Czech Republic, USA, Singapore, India, China and South Korea.