La Palette Rouge Continues Innovation with IBM Cloud Computing

La Palette Rouge, the European Number 2 pallet-pooling specialist, has chosen to migrate to IBM’s business collaboration suite, LotusLive. Next March, LPR will become one of the first companies in Europe to use this Cloud Computing system when about 220 LPR personnel in LPR headquarters in France and across Europe switch to LotusLive.

LPR has chosen this innovative strategy to reinforce its customer service. IBM’s Cloud Computing solution offers collaborative services that are constantly available online (including email, file sharing, workflow management, diary, address book, instant messaging) from any desktop or portable device connected to the Internet.

By outsourcing its collaboration functions, LPR, which has full confidence in IBM, will be able to stay focused on its core business. As well as benefiting from the system’s innovative features, LPR has chosen to manage its IT resources in a wholly new way. Outsourcing via Cloud Computing brings numerous advantages, including rationalisation of IT resources, continuous availability of a totally secure IT infrastructure, flexibility of use and scalability, all with optimised cost management. By freeing up resources, LPR will be able to invest in new projects.

LPR specialises in pallet-pooling for suppliers and retailers in the fast moving consumer goods sector. LPR operates throughout Europe, handling over 40 million pallet movements a year across the continent. Customer relations are the driving concern behind the company’s technological investments, and the choice of LotusLive will bring an increase in customer satisfaction while also optimising overall organisation and the activities of every member of staff.

With the new system, LPR personnel will be able to access their inboxes from anywhere in the world, just by connecting to the Internet. “At the moment, every LPR user has to connect to our network to access their emails, which means a specific installation on every computer. With LotusLive, everyone will be able to connect and communicate wherever they are, from or to a computer or smartphone” explains Patrick SIGWALT, LPR’s Chief Information Officer.

Additionally, each email inbox will have a default storage capacity of 25 GB. Each email will b  able to carry up to 40 MB of attached files.

There will no longer be a need to back up information as emails will be automatically archived for 5 years! In parallel, a Files service will allow users to share very large files (greater than 40 MB) via the Web in a secure environment. LotusLive will provide LPR with a high level of data security. Each email will automatically be duplicated four times in different IBM data centres. “Senior managers work mostly by email, spending 80% of their time on it. It is a strategic function in business today” insists Patrick SIGWALT. IBM’s LotusLive service offer also includes an antispam solution.

As well, the IBMsolution combines a range of functions including event management (Events); workflow management, email and diary management (Activities); or the organisation of web meetings or videoconferences (Meetings). There are also instant messaging services (chat, presence-awareness, i.e. who is online, etc.). The My Network function will even give the option of creating company social networks integrated with other media (Linked’In, Skype etc.).

Lastly, thanks to the contributions of a number of LotusLive Business Partners, LPR will soon be able to incorporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

“What this means in practise is that LPR personnel will be able to access the customer database at any time. These new tools will further improve our efficiency and responsiveness”, predicts Patrick SIGWALT.

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