Kontrol™ New Web-System for Proactively Controlling Moveable Items & Equipment

Designed by logistics experts, Foxwood, the new Kontrol™ system addresses the major problems experienced when trying to manage multiple assets, moving between remote sites, often operated by different organisations.

Kontrol™ manages any Items, such as plant & equipment, medical apparatus, materials handling containers, roll-cages, pallets, crates, gas bottles – anything that you value and want to optimise and control its use.
Principal benefits of the Kontrol™ system are:
• Fast & responsive
• Scalable, suitable for any size organisation
• Easy-to-use, simple to deploy
• Manages any moveable asset
• Provides KPI reporting
• Multi-language interface
• Manual or auto replenishment
• Processes asset charges
• Multi-currency
• Interfaces with ERP/WMS/finance systems
• Serial-number tracking
• Real-time geo-location

Kontrol™ provides key performance reporting
Kontrol™ gives rapid access to Key Performance Indicators, responsive to changing data, right on the desktop. Using dynamic charting, you can quickly see where things are going wrong and take timely remedial action. Composite Dashboards give a one-screen view of critical data so supply chain assets can be managed to maximise efficiency and drive out costs.

Kontrol™ provides for equipment charging
Kontrol™ provides a wide-range of charging options, configurable down to location and item types. Integration with accounting suites speeds up invoice creation and eliminates errors. Users can readily see the costs that are being incurred focussing attention on optimising asset use. And, of course, undisputed bills get paid more promptly, improving cash flow too!

Kontrol™ has automatic replenishment
Kontrol can be configured to generate automatic reordering for locations where stocks are getting low. Manually entered orders are automatically screened against ordering locations’ current stock and fulfilling locations monitored for stock availability. The unique ordering processes in Kontrol™ will ensure optimum availability with minimum item stocks, thus keeping capital investment to a minimum.

Kontrol™ is multi-language capable
Kontrol™ is featured to make language conversion easy. Users determine language and can change field names to reflect their operational terminology.

Kontrol™ tracks serial-number & location
Kontrol™ records asset movements uploaded from barcode, RFID and other serial-number detection systems. Individual items can be quickly traced, by last-known location and route through the supply-chain. In addition, using mobile telephony or GPS technology, assets can be located in real-time on street-level mapping within the Kontrol™ application.

Kontrol™ is fast and easy to use
Kontrol™ is designed for today’s fast moving supply chain environment, where time is money, speed is critical. Kontrol™ uses a Web2.0/RIA AJAX interface and a MySQL database to provide a quick, responsive user experience, irrespective of the amount of data handled.

Accessibility & support
Kontrol™ is compatible with the main Internet browsers and can be operated on desktop or mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet pc’s. Unlike local server-based systems, there’s no special hardware or software required. This means that users can interact with Kontrol™ anywhere in the World.

Configuring Kontrol™ is a straightforward one-off process. With the system tailored to a Client’s specific needs it becomes an integral part of their operating processes.

Kontrol™ clients use the latest version, so legacy support in not an issue. Upgrades are not needed as Kontrol™ continues to be enhanced, each Client gaining the immediate benefits of any new features.

The Kontrol™ licensing policy is clear and open. The annual fee is based on the functionality required and the number of locations for which asset movements are being recorded.


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