Komyo Logistics Selects RedPrairie®

Komyo Logistics(Komyo), a $35 million+ company providing third party logistics (3PL), distribution, warehousing, crate manufacturing and management (“green logistics”), and transportation management  has selected RedPrairie On-Demand Warehouse software to deliver competitive advantage to small and mid-sized companies with solutions that optimize activities through all layers of Komyo’s organization. The use of RedPrairie’s solution enables Komyo to offer logistic services to all of its customers using a dedicated or shared facility, material handling equipment, technology, and management services at significantly lower costs.

“Leading-edge information technology is crucial to successful 3PL operations,” said Gregg Healy, vice president of Komyo Logistics. “Komyo has made a significant information technology (IT) investment through its relationship with RedPrairie. By incorporating RedPrairie’s solutions, Komyo offers flexible services and pricing that enables smaller companies to be competitive with larger ones.”

Using RedPrairie On-Demand Warehouse, Komyo services are tracked electronically with online reporting, enabling its customers to take advantage of logistics efficiencies while checking inventory and delivery statuses at any time in real time.

Capabilities offered by Komyo via its RedPrairie On-Demand Warehouse systems include:

Portal access to data with a hosted, online site where customers check inventory levels, order status, receipts and shipments using their smart phones, laptops and other similar devices.
Reliable and cost-effective receipt and editing of orders under all methods of delivery.
Transfer of inventory title between customers without physical movement of the product.
Load consolidation of freight for delivery to multiple customers at common or proximate locations.
Automated billing and invoicing for all logistic services.

“As many companies are realizing today, strategically leveraging technology to reduce costs can boost internal productivity and improve customer service. Komyo is an organization that sees the benefits of RedPrairie’s On-Demand Warehouse not only in delivering inventory management capabilities but also generating positive cash flow,” said Ken Webster, General Manager and Vice President, RedPrairie On-Demand Solutions. “As Komyo expands its services, RedPrairie’s cost-effective, on-demand approach provides immediate impact and long-term benefits.”

Komyo will promote its 3PL services and patented reusable crates in Booth FD1520 during Modex 2012 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, February 6-9.

About RedPrairie

For more than 35 years, RedPrairie’s best-of-breed supply chain, workforce, and all-channel retail solutions have put commerce in motion for the world’s leading companies. Installed in over 60,000 customer sites across more than 50 countries, RedPrairie solutions adapt to help ensure visibility and collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. RedPrairie is prepared to meet its customers’ current and future demands with multiple delivery options, flexible architecture, and 24/7 technical and customer support. For a world in motion, RedPrairie is commerce in motion.

To learn more about how RedPrairie solutions can optimize your inventory, improve employee productivity, or increase sales, visit RedPrairie.com or email info(at)redprairie(dot)com.

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About Komyo Logistics

Komyo Logistics (Komyo) was established in California in May 2002. Komyo’s parent company, Honda Logistics, Inc. (“HLI”), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Komyo is a $35M+ company providing 3rd party logistics (3PL), distribution, warehousing, crate manufacturing and management (“green logistics”) and transportation management. Komyo’s unique 3PL services and patented returnable crates provide small to mid-sized companies—that are growing into larger entities—a previously unavailable cost-effective and flexible offering in the logistics and warehousing industry. This business model introduces a new way for entrepreneurial companies to compete on a national, even international, scale using methods invented for and proven by large, international conglomerates. Komyo’s patented, reusable crates are the key to its business model, because they reduce costs and allow for flexibility in a variety of ways. For more information, call: 1-888-565-6696 or go to: http://www.KomyoLogistics.com.

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