Kettle Brand® Chips Will Begin Shipping on iGPS Pallets Throughout U.S.

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Company, LLC) has announced that Kettle Brand® Chips will begin shipping its products throughout the U.S. on iGPS’ all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags, commencing immediately.  Founded in 1978, Kettle Brand® Chips pioneered the kettle-cooked style with its all natural hand-cooked potato chips.  Growing at a record pace, the company offers a wide variety of all natural snack foods including Kettle Brand® Potato Chips, Kettle Brand® Baked Potato Chips, Kettle Brand® Krinkle Cut™ Potato Chips, Kettle Brand® Organic Potato Chips, Kettle Brand® Tias! snacking tortilla chips, Kettle Brand® Roaster-Fresh Nut Butters, and Kettle Brand® Handcrafted Nuts.

“Our decision to switch to iGPS was based on our desire to upgrade the quality of pallet carrying our products and to utilize a more environmentally sustainable solution than wood,” said Joe Iagulli, Vice President of Supply Chain for Kettle Brand.  “iGPS’ solution fulfills both of our objectives, and we know that our retail partners will appreciate this value enhancement to our supply chain.”

“Kettle Brand Chips is a truly great brand with outstanding products and a unique identity,” said Bob Moore, Chairman and CEO of iGPS.  “We are delighted to welcome them to the iGPS family.”

In just four years of operation, iGPS has rapidly grown as a platform of choice among several leading companies. Switching from wood pallets to lighter-weight iGPS plastic pallets yields game-changing operational savings, according to iGPS.  It further states that studies performed by iGPS customers consistently show bottom-line savings of up to $2 per pallet load, thanks to lower transport costs, dramatically reduced production downtime, larger loads per pallet, reduced product damage and fewer rejected loads.

Aside from operational savings, iGPS notes that its pallets are easily cleaned, do not absorb fluids that can cross-contaminate food and never require treatment with toxic pesticides or fungicides, emphasizing that iGPS’ pallet is the world’s only rental pallet to receive Food Equipment Certification from NSF International, the foremost testing and certification authority with respect to food-related equipment.

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