Keg Hounds Partners with Omni-ID to Supercharge their Beer Keg Tracking Solution

Keghounds keg tracking RFID

Keg Hounds tag installed on a keg

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Feb. 19, 2020 – Keg Hounds, a keg tracking and asset management solutions provider, has reached an agreement with industrial RFID tag provider Omni-ID. Omni-ID will manufacture the tag that is central to the Keg Hounds keg tracking and data management solution. The partnership will help Keg Hounds meet the growing demand for its novel solution: a simple-to-apply, accurate, and reliable method for tracking kegs across a global fleet.

Keg Hounds’ patent-pending, revolutionary RFID Tag design requires no welding, adhesives, or special tools to install. It is fully IP68, water, weather dust, and particle proof, with an estimated 10-year+ lifespan. Omni-ID has built a reputation based on trusted, field-proven designs that stand up to the harshest industrial environments.   Built with Omni-ID quality, the Keg Hounds tags perform in all manner of treatments kegs receive.

“As the leading on-metal RFID tag producer in the world, Omni-ID is a great partner for Keg Hounds,” stated Earl Hewlette, CEO of Keg Hounds. “Omni-ID’s ability to scale production, combined with their cutting-edge technology, has greatly improved the performance of our tag. On top of that, they also have the production capabilities to allow us to keep up with demand. We recently passed 100,000 tags on kegs, and at the rate that our sales are increasing, one of our biggest concerns has been having enough tags to meet demand – an issue that, thanks to Omni-ID, we no longer face”

“It’s one thing to have high performing RFID tags in our range but a customer challenge like this really gets our adrenaline flowing,” added Dr. Tony Kington, Omni-ID CEO. “We needed to create a carrier for the tag that snaps into the keg chimb securely and easily without welding as well as making the whole unit waterproof, robust and long-lasting. The result is fantastically simple yet high performing and will go a long way to help the excellent team at Keg Hounds eradicate waste and loss in the beer keg industry.”

Keg Hounds was started in Nashville, Tennessee by a group of brewing industry veterans determined to solve a common beer industry pain point – keeping track of beer kegs. Keg Hounds has developed best in class tracking solutions and actionable data management systems to track kegs, tap handles, and pallets using RFID and barcode technology.

Today, Keg Hounds states that it is on the leading edge of the keg tracking industry, proving their system delivers the most accurate and consistent tracking rates with data analytics that deliver cost and savings benefits throughout the system. They have added tracking tags to nearly 100,000 kegs and the number is rising fast. For more information, visit

Omni-ID has developed original, patented technologies for on-metal tagging to enable a broad range of applications to improve asset tracking, inventory management, and material flow management. For more information, visit