Kagome Deploys Horen IBC with Palogix

Kagome Horen IBC


Kagome Inc, a global food production company has recently made the decision to source its US Liquid IBC requirements from Horen, choosing their Optiflow Liquid IBC Bag in Box Solution. The Horen IBC will be provided as Kagome’s bulk aseptic and non-aseptic packaging option to its customers throughout the United States.

The Horen OF330 IBC is the most durable 48×44 IBC on the market. It also features improved ergonomic benefits for users with the drop gate providing improved access for staff, dramatically reducing chances of staff injury.

Patti Mott, Kagome’s Lead on the project said, “We have tried a range of IBC’s but the Horen unit gives us the best all-round performance. It is stronger, more user-friendly and its lower folded height means we can save on reverse logistics and storage.”

Horen IBC Kagome

Kagome has partnered with Palogix USA who will provide the pooling service for the Horen IBC enabling Kagome to flex its IBC requirements with seasonality and customer demand. Vince Genco, Palogix General Manager said:  “As pooling experts, we see real opportunity in providing new & innovative solutions such as the Horen IBC, which over time will replace the current aging products and replace one-way solutions benefiting our customers and the environment.”

Reducing packaging, waste and minimizing freight are at the forefront of all food manufacturers’ plans and Horen states that its IBC addresses these issues perfectly. Horen’s team works closely with Kagome’s supply chain partners to introduce the new IBC, ensuring a smooth country wide transition.

“Kagome is well known as a successful innovator within the food industry. They have high standards and principles of Quality, Value, Innovation and Service, we at Horen also share and believe our Optiflow IBC will further enable Kagome to create value within its supply chain and for its customers,” said John Wissing, Horen’s Director Business Development.

About Kagome

Kagome, was established in 1989 in Los Banos, California, the tomato capital of the world where they began developing customized tomato sauces, as well as buttery spreads for domestic and   global restaurant brands. You can now find Kagome products across North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

About Palogix

Palogix provides rental containers for the fresh produce industry globally.  It focuses on providing bulk containers to transport fresh produce from the field to the processing facility and from the facility to end users.  Its fleet includes large plastic bins, liquid IBCs, plastic totes and a large variety of specialty containers used for harvesting and moving liquids.  Its large inventory allows it the flexibility to easily manage large requests with tight delivery deadlines.  

About Horen

HOREN is a leading designer and producer of smart returnable packaging aolutions. Its design team is constantly challenged to identify new materials and production methods which help it to manufacture products with maximum stability, high return ratio and low weight in order to eliminate ineffective transport and logistics processes. All its products are 100% recyclable at the end of their working life. Reducing cost, time and waste through the adoption of sustainable development and manufacturing process provides Horen customers with environmentally smart RTP solutions.