K.Hartwall has established K.Hartwall LLC in St. Petersburg, Russia

K.Hartwall has been doing business with Russian retailers for many years and strongly believes that the retail industry in Russia is now at a turning point.

K Hartwall

K.Hartwall, a frontrunner in developing logistics solutions, established the company K.Hartwall LLC in St. Petersburg in September of this year.

K.Hartwall LLC will support its sales in Russia together with its agent, Mr. Igor Kazikov, running the company Rotorus in Moscow.

Russian Retailers strive to improve their logistics efficiency by focusing on issues such as faster replenishment, higher truck cubic fill, better ergonomics, and sustainable solutions.

This can only be done by looking not only on the unit price itself but at the TCO, Total Cost of Ownership. It is important to understand the value of the solution from the first day, and after 5 years.

Logistics equipment is becoming more and more an investment rather than a commodity. By looking at the TCO retailers can, for example, have a strong impact on the environment as they can increase their cubic fill in trucks, reduce transport costs and CO2 emissions. This is a huge advantage in a country where long distances are part of the daily business.

Mr. Alexey Simonov, who has a long experience in warehouse and internal logistics solutions, has been appointed as Managing Director of K.Hartwall LLC. He will help the company develop new business in the region.

“We already have several projects in Russia and we are looking for more opportunities. For us, it is important to be a local partner for our customers. Russia is a very attractive market and we want to position ourselves as a Key Partner to all companies interested in logistic innovations, sustainability and cost savings in their Supply Chain,” concludes Mr. Simonov.

Simonov adds, “Companies who are using wooden pallets, are wasting a lot of time in replenishing shelves by hand using shopping trollies. With our returnable space-efficient and ergonomic roll containers we can drastically reduce the manual handling in the last 50 meters of the Supply chain.”

For more details, please contact Mr. Jerker Hartwall, CEO of K.Hartwall Oy Ab, jerker.hartwall@k-hartwall.com, or Mr. Alexey Simonov, Managing Director of K.Hartwall LLC, alexey.simonov@k-hartwall.com.