Just Released! One Way Solutions Offers New 3-Runner Stackable Plastic Pallet

One Way Solutions plastic pallet

Chicago, IL – For many expanding companies, shipping product can be a painful and pricey part of packaging costs. It can seem like an easy decision to choose the cheapest pallet possible in order to save money upfront. The problem is, these pallets breakdown faster and need to be replaced more often, ultimately adding to shipping costs over a shorter amount of time. 

Now, products like the new plastic 3-runner stackable pallet from One Way Solutions offer increased durability and shipping power at a price as low as $13.69.

When you factor in the length of time these pallets will last, it becomes a much more affordable option that will give you the added benefits of being both recyclable and lightweight. Manufactured in Michigan, this light duty plastic pallet features 3 runners permanently attached to the base, increasing its strength, stability and stackable surface area that is hard to match.

One way Solutions plastic pallet 3-runner

This 40×48 USA made pallet weighs only 18 lbs, is high-pressure injection molded with high quality recycled HDPE resin, and has a 2,800 lb dynamic capacity – heavyweight characteristics at light duty pricing.

Every consideration has been taken to minimize weight while maintaining strength and durability:

  • Tapered edges assist fork tine entry and assist splitting a pallet off a nested stack.
  • The pallet deck perimeter is reinforced with extra ribs to increase impact resistance.

The 4-way entry is compatible with nearly all fork trucks and hand trucks. The open deck design allows for easy handling and cleaning. A superior nesting ratio allows 2100 pallets to fit in a 53’ truck, which significantly reduces the per pallet shipping costs.

The product is now available on the One Way Solutions website and will ship out next day.  For information, visit www.oneway-solutions.com.